Granadas Mollar

Discover our redder and tasty pomegranates.

Benefiting from antioxidant power of pomegranates and enjoy them at any time of day.

Ideal for juices and desserts.

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New Mollar Pomegranates - 4kg Box

Buy mollar variety pomegranates online. Buy pomegranates on internet. Pomegranates shipping to your home address. Antioxidan fruit sold. Pomegranate juice


21.95 / box(es) *
1 kg = 5.49 €

New Mollar Pomegranates - 8kg Box

Buy pomegranates variety Mollar de Elche online. Pomegrantes sold over internet. We send pomegrantes to your home address.


35.95 / box(es) *
1 kg = 4.49 €

New Mollar Pomegranates - 12kg Box

Buy pomegranates box online. Mollar de Elche variety. Superfood antioxidant fruit online. Buy pomegrantes over internet to make pomegranate healthy juice.


41.90 / box(es) *
1 kg = 3.49 €
VAT included